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Dan LaBorde has worked as a full-time location scout since 1986, serving major motion pictures, national advertising campaigns, and national television commercial spots. He is also accomplished in lighting, production design and photography.

"My extensive experience in scouting cuts production time, and headaches by clearing red tape and by establishing good relationships between local officials, residents, property owners and the production company. It’s more than merely looking for locations; the location scout is the producer’s ambassador of goodwill as they interface with the public and the community.

"Most importantly, my decades of film and television production experience results in locations which reflect the creative vision of the director and photographer, as well as meeting technical requirements of the entire production crew.

"I can find unusual and unique locations within my region. For instance, I was hired to find locations for the Kurt Russell/Dakota Fanning film “Dreamer”. After an extensive preliminary search of Kentucky by the studio location scout, a decision to shoot in Louisiana was made. The production company asked me, “What if…?” and, “Do you know where there is a…?”. I was able to find and secure four additional key locations, moving much of the film’s production from Louisiana to Kentucky!

"My training in photography and film is a further asset to my role as a location scout. On a recent still photo ad campaign for Toyota, using only the art director’s sketches as a guide, I presented 10 possible horse farm locations to photograher Eric Almas for consideration, including a farm that had never before been photographed for commercial use. He picked that un-photographed farm as the location that most closely fit the art director’s (and Eric's) vision.

"On a recent music video for “Nappy Roots”, I led a small production crew from New York through some of Louisville’s worst urban, crime ridden landscapes, quickly clearing locations “on the fly” with local business owners, providing the needed “street" look for this Atlantic Records music video. If needed, I can approach anyone is any situation, and get the location.

"I hope you’ll consider including my talents, years of experience, and knowledge of film production in your next production in Kentucky or Southern Indiana."

Dan LaBorde - 2015